Usage Policy

By Existing laws and regulations, a customer is prohibited from committing the following offenses while using Myanmar Net and Myanmar Cast service.

  1. Committing or encouraging criminal offenses.
  2. Using the Myanmar Net network for illegal intentions.
  3. Performing any activities which do not comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Acting against AUP policies by oneself or through a third party.
  5. Creating or distributing harmful materials such as spam and viruses with ill-will.
  6. Sending email or any electronic messages with the intention of affecting the performance or functionality of any network or computer facilities.
  7. Violating or disturbing the rights of other people.
  8. Being offensive, abusive, defamatory, and obscene, menacing to other people or impersonating another person.
  9. Hacking or attempting to hack the security of other people’s equipment, hardware or software.
  10. Receiving or distributing copyrighted music and films without permission.
  11. Circulating or distributing the fake news, incorrect data and misleading information with bad intentions.
  12. Using applications or software which consume more than necessary bandwidth and risk degradation of service levels to other customers.
  13. Reselling MN services without permission.
  14. Any actions which put the MN system at risk.
  15. Hacking or attempting to hack into the Myanmar Net Control Center (or) Network Operating Center (or) Service Network.
  16. Directly or indirectly infringing, damaging or endangering any intellectual property rights of MN or any third party.
  17. Any action which can damage the Myanmar Net reputation.